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Edmonton Korean Canadian Cultural Foundation

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The Edmonton Korean Canadian Cultural Foundation was formed 15 years ago to preserve Korean culture and identity as well as make a positive contribution to the local community.  Our vision is to be an integral part of the Edmonton community along with our partners, committed to building neighborhoods that are caring, vibrant and peaceful.


The foundation initiated the plan of building a multicultural center in 2003 and completed the construction of our $5 million building in 2013. From 2003 to 2013, many individuals, businesses, and government organizations supported this project. For the past ten years, we never forgot why we wanted to build a multicultural center.

A dream of our founders fifteen years ago has transformed to become a vibrant and active community cultural centre today. We are planning to acknowledge the leadership, dedication and contributions of these leaders to the centre.

Let's celebrate our future together!

                                                            Yoosung Cheong, President of EKCCF          

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