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Our Mission at Just Montessori Inc. is to educate the child based on the principles of the Montessori philosophy; "higher learning". We are committed to creating a warm learning environment, while focusing on the independence, self-discipline and confidence; inspiring personal and academic excellence within each child.

Just Montessori
SKY Tae Kwon Do

The principles of martial arts are central to SKY Taekwondo: Respect, Confidence, Self-Discipline, Patience, and Integrity.
We strive to motivate our students to have a dream.
It is because we believe " Your Dream is Your Future!".
SKY Taekwondo is the right place to reach your goals.
We humbly ask you to try out our genuine care and professional instruction.
It is our honour to accompany you on your journey to be an Excellent Black Belt

Grassroots English Academy

Grassroots English Academy is a proprietorship business owned and operated by Sam Kim. Grassroots offers customized English programs in the areas of Essay Writing, English conversation, and Basic ESL for all ages. The class sizes are small where you get a stimulating classroom environment and individualized attention to address specific problem areas. Whether you need to improve your English before applying to a college or university or you want to simply improve your English, Grassroots English Academy is the place for you.

ASPIRE Volleyball Training

Let us know your training goals and preferred dates and times and we’ll work from there to best accommodate you with customized training. 


For those athletes who have attended ASPIRE private, group, or larger clinic/camp sessions in the past,we encourage you to come in small groups of 2 - 4 athletes for training. Small groups provide the opportunity to link some of the skills you have acquired, through modified game play training situations. 


Daytime training is available - great for home schooled athletes and high school athletes who have spares in their schedules.

YMCA Ellwood Child Care

There's no job more important in the world than being a parent. But when it's not your only job, our YMCA Child Care programs are here for your family.

We know childhood is a special time when the seeds of future success are planted. Our YMCA Child Care programs are based on curriculum that encourages the physical, mental and social development of your child. 

As Western Canada’s largest child care provider, the health and well-being of your child is at the core of everything we do. At the Y, you'll find a group of caring and dedicated staff who make every day a special day for your child. The YMCA of Northern Alberta operates 57 Child Care programs, and, as a charity, we make no profit from any of our Child Care programs.

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Edmonton Rhythmic Gymnastics Club

Non-competitive programs that promote recreation and a love of movement

Our recreational programs provide a fun activity that combines creativity and musical expression with physical activity. The basic techniques of rhythmic movement are taught with an emphasis on group interaction.

  • No previous movement experience is required. Short movement combinations are performed to music with apparatus such as ribbons, hoops, balls and ropes.

  • Equipment costs are minimal—a black long sleeve legless leotard and either bare feet or gymnastics/ballet slippers.

  • All recreational gymnasts will have the opportunity to perform at our annual Winter Show, Rhythmic Gala in February, and Spring Show.

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