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The Sejong Multicultural Centre is a non-profit organization establishing itself as an important pillar of the community by promoting cultural diversity and offering a variety of programs from education, daycare, health & fitness and more.  Strengthening the community through cultural vitality, programs and special events are keys to a better future.

• Large multi-purpose/performance hall
• Catering kitchen
• Open area program space
• Classrooms

• Outdoor garden patio
• Licensed childcare program
• Leased office space
• Small group gathering area
• Display area


Celebrating and preserving Korean culture

- Welcoming all cultures!
The South Edmonton Multicultural Centre will be a home for the Korean Community in Edmonton, a place where Korean Canadians of all ages can gather to learn, share and celebrate Korean culture. In the spirit of cooperation, the Korean community invites other Edmonton communities, arts organizations, service groups and individuals to use the centre to celebrate all cultures and special occasions.

South Edmonton Sejong Multicultural Centre own by EKCCF (Edmonton Korean Community Centre Foundation).

The EKCCF provides a leadership in promoting and fostering the Korean culture and the multiculturalism in the Canadian society.

To help  community or more information about EKCCF.

Creatively designed for all interests and ages

The centre's creative multi-purpose design provides space for active programs,social gatherings, performances and exhibitions both large and small.The design also includes designated office space for community groups and a non-profit childcare program.Revenues generated through short-term facility rentals and long-term lease agreements will be used to offset ongoing operational expenses. The facility will be managed by skilled and professional program and administrative staff.

The centre of the community
South Edmonton is home to many of Edmonton's newest neighbourhoods.New schools, businesses, commercial and residential developments have attracted a generous mix of young families, singles and seniors, creating vibrant and culturally diverse neighbourhoods. The South Edmonton Multicultural Centre will be a welcome addition for  the residents of South Edmonton who are eager for a place to gather, learn and celebrate.

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